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private yoga sessions
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Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions

If you are new to yoga, a private session is a great way to start and develop a deep personal practice. If you are a seasoned practitioner, it is a great way to deepen your awareness and understanding of the poses to be able to embody them; and to open yourself up to the practice that is Yoga.

During a private session, we will work with a practice that is tailored to meet you where you are at, so that you can grow from there. A private yoga session provides the perfect setting to focus on the unique requirements of your body and energy. These individual sessions are based on your individual needs.

The Purpose

  • Grasp and master the basics of a Yoga practice
  • Receive one on one attention in a private setting
  • Focus on alignment and anatomy
  • Learn to modify a practice while healing from an injury
  • Deepen your meditation practice through Asana sadhana
  • Explore and deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy and the spiritual practice of yoga

The Benefits

  • Cultivate a therapeutic practice to manage and improve health issues such as low back pain, insomnia, anxiety, lack of motivation, etc.
  • Cultivate a mind-body-spirit practice that helps you understand the connection between your mental processes, your emotions and your health.
  • Dive into postures - deepen your asana practice through fundamental anatomy and breathwork.
  • A spiritual practice based on ancient practices and principles applied to a modern life.

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