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Yoga Class ~ Flow for Life, One Breath for the Children

A Charity initiative to help raise awareness and money for the slum children of Bangladesh

Every Friday at 10am Via Zoom

Come and do yoga with me and make a contribution in the lives of these beautiful children in Bangladesh.

This is a by donation yoga class aimed for raising funds to help support a small charity by the name of 'Snoda' that is run by my friend. This charity helps provide personal hygiene and basic education skills a group of 10-20 slum children in Dhaka. Right now the children are back home in their villages, as everyone is in quarantine, but when they come back, they might not have access to clean clothes, food or water. My intention is to help raise money so that we are prepared to help these children get readjusted to their lives when they return from their quarantine.

No contribution is too small, and if you are unable to make a donation, come join me regardless and support us with your breath and your intention.

You can join any Friday using this Zoom Link

Donations can be sent via Venmo to @lubycd or via PayPal to


Soul Flow Vinyasa Yoga Classes Brought to you by SevenBell Fitness

Every Wednesday at 6:30pm and

Every Sunday at 10am Via Zoom

This is a one hour Vinyasa Yoga class open to all levels (suitable for beginners as well), designed to help you breathe, move, and strengthen from the inside out. This class moves at a certain rhythm and has a musical and creative element which adds fun to functionality for a well-rounded practice. Come and move and groove as you while you listen to some fun tunes!

Sign up for the class HERE

Cost: Donation based, via venmo to @lubycd

Using Meditation to transform fear - Brought to you by SevenBell Fitness

Every Wednesday from 7:30-8pm and

Every Sunday from 11-11:30am Via Zoom

In this meditation group, we will use basic meditation practices to connect deeply with the experience we are having individually and collectively, and learn how to get grounded in our bodies so that we may deal powerfully with the changing reality of our times.

Being present in this way will allow us to transform the fear of uncertainty into something that empowers us rather than making us feel helpless.

Join us to share in this collective gathering of peaceful intention.

Sign up for the class HERE

Cost: Donation based, via venmo to @lubycd