The Stars speak to us in the language of Symbols, and to hear them we have to listen from our Hearts

We are each a cosmic moment in time. From our first breath, we connect to the heavens and the heavens connect to us. Your astrological birth chart is the unique alignment of the stars and planets at the moment you were born. Studying your chart can give valuable insight into your psyche and the natural flow of your aptitudes as well as how to work with what may appear to be your achilles heel.

Knowledge is often freedom and freedom is our birth right. Our spirit is eternally free and forever evolving.

Want to learn more about what the stars have to say about you? Want to know your soul's purpose and your possible tomorrows? Read on..


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Want to find out how the stars were aligned when you were born? This reading can give you an insight into the depths of your psyche, the gifts and talents you were born as well as the thorns in your rose. Find out about your life's purpose and what you are here to accomplish.


Soulmates and astrology
Are they your soulmate or just a passing ship in the night? What is the potential for you to be together?

Perfect for couples, this reading is focused on the relationship between you and that special someone. Find out about the theme of your relationship, what strengths and weaknesses you bring out in each other and the lessons you can only learn from each other.


Solar return reading
The stars get very talkative around our birthdays! A solar return reading is a perfect way to prepare for the year ahead. Makes a great birthday gift for yourself or others!

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Sun Sign Astrology

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