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Sirius Rising and Jupiter trine Venus ~ Lion’s Gate Portal of Expansive Heart Energy

Today marks the climax of what has famously been named ‘the Lion’s gate portal’. This is the time during the year when the fixed star Sirius is able to rise up without being blocked by our sun as it moves from Cancer to it’s native sign of Leo. In addition to that, the Lion’s Gate Portal also marks the time of Venus in Leo making the harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter. Many astrologers consider this a spiritually expansive time, given that Sirius represents our Spiritual Sun, and the Venus energy is one of Love while Jupiter is expansion in consciousness.

While the Lion’s Gate Portal is indeed a highly charged time, this year the opening of this portal is accompanied by four retrograde planets (five counting the asteroid Chiron, representing our core wounds), including Jupiter. So for me the vibrational influence of this planetary alignment then, is colored by the rest of the sky, and I also want to take into account the moon in Scorpio vibe as well as the retrograde planets. In addition, we are still in the cycle started by the solar eclipse on July 2nd and the lunar eclipse on July 16th.

Given all of this, what are the planets inclining us towards? Well, as I wrote in my previous blogs, eclipses bring up our shadows and patterns we have been repressing or that have been hiding from us, while the retrogrades bring up the past. A combination of these two results in us having to examine carefully our intentions and motivations. In a spiritual sense, this is about waking up and becoming conscious of what keeps us stuck, keeps us in the same loops and what we are ready to get rid of, but not quite sure how to.

The opening of the portal with the stars aligning gives us an answer on how to handle our shadows and darkness, our past and our pain that comes up — compassion and forgiveness. With Venus trining Jupiter, we have the opportunity to experience our hearts opening up. Sometimes this opening might feel like heartbreak. Sometimes it might seem like it’s impossible to surrender our pain and to let it go. But in the words of one of my favorite poets, Rumi,
‘the wound is where the light enters you’. As always, the wounds that come up for you at this time will be specific to your chart and where the planets land on it, but rest assured the balm for the wounds are the same — compassion and forgiveness.

In the last couple of weeks I have done a lot of heart opening sequences in my yoga classes. Hips and heart, that has been my focus. Our hips hold our emotions and our heart is the way through them. And through this practice what I have arrived at is the strong need for self compassion and forgiveness. If we cannot hold compassion for ourselves, if we cannot forgive ourselves for past hurts, we will be incapable of forgiving another. In his book,
The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden describes his encounter with the abbot of a Tibetan monastery in which he asked the teacher, ‘what connects us with one another, our world and the universe?’, to which he got a one word answer — compassion. ‘Compassion is both a force in the universe as well as a human experience.’

Such is the power of compassion, and when we can hold this compassion for ourselves, we can experience forgiveness within ourselves and when then we have the ability to share this with others. So during the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal, the way we can experience the expansive and lovingly harmonious vibrations of the planets, is by allowing ourselves to let go and surrender to the power and wisdom of our hearts. My advice for this planetary alignment today is to meditate on the sanskrit mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, which evokes, Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of compassion. And then allow this evocation to assist you in opening up to the power of love in your own being.
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