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Full Super Moon in Libra — Seeing the Bigger Picture

Tonight’s Full Moon is the strongest super moon of the year, meaning that it is closer in proximity to the earth that it will get in 2020. This moon comes in the midst of a big upheaval we are going through in our collective consciousness, as evidenced by the world’s events. In order to understand the energetic influence of this particular full moon, we need to look at the aspects that the planets are making right now. The strongest aspect that this full moon makes is to the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn that has been in the heavens since the new moon on March 24th.

Let’s look at the archetypes that we are dealing with. Jupiter is the archetype of higher mind, the bigger picture, it also represents teachers and expansion of consciousness. While it is a benevolent planet, it also has a side to it that can turn the energy of expansion into exaggeration and insatiable tendencies. Pluto on the other hand, is the archetype of transformation and transmutation. It is the planet of death and rebirth, of the ability of the human spirit to rise from the ashes of darkness into light. The joining of these two planets then, creates an opportunity that if used correctly, can help us rise collectively to heights we haven’t experienced before in our evolution (both these planets also deal with spiritual forces). However, if we don’t use this opportunity to tap into our higher mind and see the bigger picture, we will be at the mercy of the shadow archetypes of this planetary configuration.

If we look around us at the chaos and panic that is still pervading the human psyche due to the corona virus pandemic, we can get a clear picture of what these shadow archetypes look like. Fear by itself isn’t necessarily bad, but we have let our fear turn into panic, which is debilitating. The full moon tonight, adds to this picture because full moons are times when our emotions are on the rise and sometimes full moons can bring up to the surface things that are hiding in the shadows. These shadows are on the surface now so that we can look at them and heal them, so that they don’t have a hold on us any longer. The sign of the full moon gives us a clue about where these shadows can show up strongly in our lives. Tonight’s full moon is in Libra, the sign of relationships and relating to others. The corona virus pandemic has if nothing else, changed completely the nature of how we relate to others. For many, it has brought to light the depth (or lack thereof) in their intimate relationships. For me personally, my relationships have taken on a different meaning. I have forgotten my grievances with several people in my life, finding a different perspective on what is important.

That is the kind of shift that is also available to us on a collective level. If we can confront our fears rather than running from them, if we can be with all the heartache and the suffering that we are feeling in the world right now, we will be able to see a bigger picture to all of this. This is the lesson available to us right now, and rather than thinking of it as a punishment (Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn, which is ruled by stern Saturn, the planet of discipline and karma), we can think of this as a time to grow our spiritual muscles by surrendering all resistance and giving in to the strongest force that makes up this universe — love.

So if you want to create your own ritual for this full moon, I suggest you spend some time in silence. Shut off your computer, tv and phone, and give yourself the gift of being with everything that arises. Let your fears show themselves. Let the shadows dance, feel everything so that you can be free. Free to see the bigger picture, free to let go of the fear without pushing it away, and free so that your mind no longer controls you, and you start to feel the power within your soul.

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