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Sturgeon full moon
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Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius — Calm your fire to hear your Truth

This morning at 8:30am, the full sturgeon moon in Aquarius rose high in the sky. This August full moon is always an interesting polarity of energies because while the Sun in Leo is heart energy, it is personal love, self-love while the Moon in Aquarius is love for all humanity, a universal love. Both are necessary, because we cannot love anybody else if we don’t know how to love ourselves, and also if we don’t learn to share the love we have, we cannot grow and evolve.

The strongest aspects that this full moon is making is the opposition to Venus and Mars. Both Venus and Mars are in Leo and these fiery planets of love, sex and action are stimulated by the Moon’s opposition. While the aspect between Venus and the Moon causes us to feel tension in our emotions, the opposition to Mars may cause this tension to turn into aggression. There is a certain feeling of angst that these planets are likely to cause within our relationships. And remembering the cycle that we are in (Lunar and Solar eclipse cycles that started in July, and the ongoing outer planet retrogrades), it is best that we calm our fire in order to hear the truth behind our emotions.

Our emotions are just messengers, giving us information about where we are in alignment with our souls and where we might be identifying more with our baser, lower natures. So rather than allowing this full moon to fire up your emotions in a way that causes you to act out aggressively (Mars), allow yourself to feel the full breadth of your emotions. Don’t resist or fight anything that comes up. Feel the anger, feel the passion, feel the grief, the anxiety, the jealousy, feel the heart thumping joy and happiness and exuberance. Let your body experience the matrix of your emotions and only then will you hear the deeper truth contained within them.

The trick is to let yourself feel these emotions without reacting to them in the form of decisions and actions. Full moons are a good time to release what you have been holding on to that you know is not in your best interest. The good news is, given the late degree of Aquarius that the moon falls under, it is able to work it’s lunar magic within our consciousness (if we are open to it), without being overshadowed by the strong blazing Sun in Leo (the sun is exalted in Leo). This means that it is possible for us to align ourselves with our soul’s mission without being tempted by the ego’s need for glory.

If this full moon makes a strong impact on your personal chart, you will finally be able to make peace with other people’s opinion of you. You will be able to accept that maybe you will never be fully accepted, and that’s ok because you accept yourself as you are. This radical form of self-acceptance is the key to rising above the ego’s urge for winning and devoting yourself to a deeper form of love, the love that arises from within your being and wakes you up to the oneness of the universe. This love is God Love, it is the love that makes you realize that all the strife or conflict that you experience on the ‘outside’ are merely contractions that you are holding in your being, that are being reflected back to you. It is also this Love that can allow you to release these contractions so that you can experience the glory of who you really are, removing the need to glorify yourself by condemning others.

So under the light of the full moon tonight, open your heart up to all the angst that you have been holding, and through holding space in your heart for all these contractions, all these fears that are coming up, allow them to transform you; through the alchemy of non-resistance and Truth.
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